INTRODUCING: The Clearest Roadmap to Grow Your Business in A Heartfelt Way
The 'Soul Business Magic' roadmap
the Soulful Business Magic Roadmap
Hello creative, soulful entrepreneur! It's a magical day! You have access to the clearest roadmap to help you grow your business in an authentic, heartfelt way. It’s much more than a roadmap. It’s a guide to a new way of Being and it shows fresh perspectives on doing business in an honest way. Yayyy, finally! It will feel so liberating to have this treasure in your hands soon. You'll feel from deep within that you can finally make your dreams come true!
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Feel the Sparkles of Your Soul Business
Hi, I'm Monika de Neef, Authenticity Business Coach, creator of the SOUL BUSINESS MAGIC roadmap and founder of The Wayfinding Entrepreneur.

Have you tried to follow other business coaches' one-size-fits-all methods and didn't succeed?
Do you have a rubble of half-baked business ideas?
Are you feeling confused, overwhelmed and out of tune with yourself?

I hear you and I see you! It's not your fault and there's nothing wrong with you. On the contrary! I know, because I have been there too. And that ignited my passion to find and create a new way for creative and sensitive souls like you.

I believe deeply that you are meant to do great, magical things. You are meant to serve your dream clients with your soul business magic! I listen deeply, see the essence of you and your work, and guide you to bring all those diffuse ideas and plans together in an authentic path that works for YOU!

If this resonates with you, then you are born for the Wayfinding way! A totally new way of Being and acting in your life and business.

Grow a business that is true to yourself. Show the world your unique gifts based on truth, authenticity and integrity. Let's do this together. You got this!

How? Start by watching my free video guide, in which I explain the 12 essential elements and the Soul Business Magic roadmap that you can’t learn anywhere else to grow your business in a heartfelt way. You'll receive a PDF of the roadmap too.

This could be your tipping point, getting over the threshold back to feeling alive, inspired and connected to a bigger purpose.

Click the 'Get My Free Video Guide' button below. I can't wait to see you there!

the Soulful Business Magic Roadmap
Simply enter Your Name and Email address below:
Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.